About Me:

My Experiences

I've lived all over the world.  I've been to Mexico, Okinawa, and Venezuela.  I've visited Asia and South America.  I am a world traveler.  But it wasn't by choice.

My father was a career naval officer. So, every few years, my family would pull up its roots and move to a new place.  I went from California to Seattle to Hawaii and back to California.  Then to Venezuela and New Jersey and Corpus Christi (Texas) then Japan and finally back to my spiritual home - Texas!  My parents have retired to the Northwest, my brother lives on the East Coast and I'm staying in Texas.  Out of all the places I've visited, Texas is by far the best.  It has the best people.  It has the best weather (hace muy caliente!), and it has the best food.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Coliseum..........

I have plenty of funny stories about my life. This is one that everyone can appreciate.

I had just started a new job and was in the office doing some web design. One of the senior staff members bursts into the office. He had obviously had a day that was both frustrating and long. As he walks by me, I notice that he has a small bag with a bottle in in (the kind they give you when you visit the liquor store). So the fellow yells out, "You know why I like Texas? Because there's a liquor store on every corner! " He then proceeds to open up his bottle of Maker's Mark and pours himself a nice long drink. He asks me if I'd like some. I look around uncomfortably because it's 3:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday and there is lots of work to be done. I tell him no thanks and try to get back to my work. Then, another senior member of the staff walks by me with two beers in his hand and asks me if I want one. I tell him no but he insists that he'll go and get me one (even though he has two already in his hands). At this point, I'm wondering what kind of firm that I've joined. I didn't recall a check box on the application form that asked if I liked alcoholics or was a heavy drinker. Only later did I find out that my firm has a tradition on Thursday afternoons called "Wine and Whine " where everyone gets together in the office and vents while having a drink or two (after all, we are all very much older than 21).

What is the Rob Hiltbrand experience?  Well, it's what I've done and where I've done it.  It's who I've done and where I did it.  It's what I've seen and where I've seen it.  If one was to look up the phrase, "been around the block " in the dictionary, my picture would be the example.

Shari Ellen Harris

My wife Shari and I met while I was working for Covenant Technology Services. She was a teacher at Wesley Academy in west Houston. I would go in and break the computers in her classroom just so I'd have to go back later. She never figured out what I was doing until it was too late. It took my wife a bit of time to figure out that I was interested in here, but in the end she figured things out and we have been together ever since.

My Life In Pictures.....

Opinions are like.....

Of course I have an opinion or two about life and what is going on in the World today. Politics, the environment, Corgis, the Internet, human rights, the Dallas Cowboys - all very important subjects.  So check out my very own blog.